The easiest, and the most advanced POS ever built.

Our creative and unique features

WhatsApp Alerts

Be ahead in business with our game-changing alerting solution.

Customer Analytics

Get to know everything about your regular and loyal customers, and much more.

Feedback Portal

Insights into what your customers are saying about your business, down to the item level.

The Best Support

Summer is not just a great product, but we have the best support team.

Other Features

Summer's POS features are exceptionally crafted to deliver the most seamless experience. The entire POS is incredibly easy to use and beautifully designed.

Reports & Analytics
Detailed insights about restaurant
Staff Management
Easily Manage Roles & Permissions
Menu Management
Summer gives you full control over your menu
Delivery Integration
Summer has integrated delivery solutions
Kitchen Display System
Packed with Interactive KDS
Inventory Management
Manage all your inventory, Stock & Recipe

Why Summer POS?

Restaurant owners today seek more than just basic billing software. They crave insights into customer data, sharpened marketing tactics, and an edge in a competitive landscape. Those clinging to basic billing systems risk falling behind.

Summer enables restaurant owners to thrive, offering growth in a dynamic market.

With Summer,

Reduced Operations Cost
More Productivity
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